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Larry Griffeth

Robb Maag

Light Sources Incorporated is a general commercial photography studio that has operated under the radar in the North Metro Atlanta area for practically forever.

Larry Griffeth and Robb Maag began their careers as photojournalists where they learned to work fast and efficiently and later applied their styles to assignment-based advertising work.

Yeah, we have a case full of awards and you'd probably recognize a lot of our clients, but who's counting? We know we're not the best photographers on the planet, but what we offer is consistent results at a fair price without the attitude that plagues too many in our industry.

Nor will we try to sell you on the latest fad that's come down the pipe. But if that's your wish, chances are, because trends are cyclical, we've already done it. No problem.

So, whether you're a high profile account exec or an in-house marketing rep, we'd appreciate the opportunity to bid on your next project.